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Olive Oil is not only a cooking ingredient; it’s also the simplest way for enhancing the flavor of food. Olive oil is a complete package of a lot of health benefits. You will find numerous healthy nutrients in olive oil like amino acid, polyphenols, and monounsaturated fats.

Olive oil is not only a main factor for establishing and balancing your diet, it will add depth and flavor to food too. Which food you love, you will love it more after adding olive oil. In most of the regions, now it’s common to use olive oil for cooking.

Keep in mind that its quantity could vary from person to person. If you cannot tolerate much oil in food or a heart patient then he only needs to put a control on quantity and he will feel relief in his cardiovascular disease.

Cooking with olive oil now has become the most desired dining trend and people are trying delicious recipes with olive oil for weight loss. Numerous people have tried this trend. If you are not included among those people then you will try this dining trend of cooking food with olive oil after reading this article.

We are going to assist you with the most essential information about the ways of cooking with olive oil. We will also tell you about the best olive oil for cooking food.

So, just note down the following points

Cooking with olive oil is a different factor and frying with olive oil is another one to be discussed. So, few people have this question “Can we fry with olive oil” and want justification. Here, we will justify such queries.

Can we fry with olive oil?

Heat is an essential part of cooking. So, while cooking food, you will have to maintain it and keep it balanced. On the other hand, heat also could affect the quality of olive oil. That’s why numerous people are confused about frying with olive oil.

Here, you will have confirmation that heat cannot hurt the nutritional value of olive oil but it’s also a fact that heat could alter the composition of olive oil. While frying food with olive oil, you will need to keep in mind that you should keep the smoke point below.

Polyphenols and oleic acid, both are the most stable compounds in olive oil. Even high smoke point cannot hurt their compositional value and you can get a lot of health benefits. Comparatively to olive oil, canola and soya bean oil are containing less amount of polyphenols and oleic acid. In this way, these oils are less healthy for you.

After reading these details, you will come to know that olive oil is also good for frying as well as for cooking. Just prevent the food from becoming moist and keep away food from absorbing too much oil.

Is baking with olive oil good?

Olive oil is a healthier alternative for all kinds of oils. No doubt, olive oil is a really amazing ingredient for using while baking cake and cookies. There is a huge variety of olive oils. So, you should only use a mild variety of olive oil for baking.

Try grilling with olive oil

Grilling food is another most famous dining trend. Here we will not discuss the dining trend but we will explain the use of olive oil for grilling. It is an approved fact that olive oil has a matchless potential of enhancing the flavor of grilled food.

A high amount of antioxidants of olive oil will be a big plus for grilled food. Olive oil is the best grilling ingredient for grilling the fish.

How to use olive oil for cooking food?

Olive oil is really good for cooking meats, fish, and for preparing pasta also. Fish and olive oil both are the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. Extra virgin olive oil is the best cooking ingredient for all these 3 food options.

Moreover, for cooking soups, vegetables, and pulses, olive oil is a great option to use.

Extra virgin olive oil smoke point

The smoke point is the only thing that you should keep in mind. A high smoke point could affect the nutrition of olive oil and its healthy composition.

Can you try chicken with olive oil?

You can definitely fry chicken with olive oil but on low flame. It’s perfectly fine for enhancing flavor olive oil and it will become healthier for you. There are different uses of olive oil. A few of them, we have explained in the above details.

Difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is purest of all olive oils and only cold-pressed. But the regular olive oil is the mixture of both cold-pressed olive oil and processed olive oil. Anyhow, all the food experts will recommend you to use extra virgin olive oil as compared to regular olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil will give you the real and strong flavor. You can also use regular olive oil for certain reasons in case of having any health issue or if you are following a specific diet plan.