Traceability System

Dear visitor, every customer has the right to trace their favorite GOLDEN VIRGIN® organic products and trace the real roots. We care about quality not quantity that’s why we provide total transparency and maximum information about our organic products. GOLDEN VIRGIN® organic products offer to every customer the ability to trace the real route of the products and retrieve important information for the Origin, thought LOT No that is printed on each product (found on the label / neck of the bottle / top or below the tins).

What is a LOT No for products?  

Manufacturing lot number, also known as lot code or batch code, is used to identify products manufactured in different batches. The lot number is a unique identification number consisting of numbers or letters printed on the outside of the product packaging. Below you can find out LOT No for our organic extra virgin olive oil:

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Trace the roots

Please enter the LOT number written on the label of the product that you hold in your hand and we will sent you all the information regarding its origin.

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    GOLDEN VIRGIN® organic products are fully traceable show important details of their true origins. Each LOT No is available for traceability within 6 months from the production line.

    On some stages of our traceability system, codes instead of names are used for our suppliers and customers, due to Protection of Personal Data. These data exist at the company and are available for any legal use.

    In case of further clarifications or traceability issues, please contact us here.