Before buying anything, you should keep your mind conscious about noticing many things regarding the product. Here, we are going to explain some of the most important things before buying olive oil.

For most the consumers, price section is the most important thing to be noted firstly. On the other hand, few are much interested in finding out the quality of the product and price later. Being a wise purchaser, you will always go for the buyers’ guide.

If you are just finding out the best buyers’ guide and really keen to know about the things which you need to consider before buying. You will find all the necessary things here.

Qualities of a good Greek extra virgin olive oil

No doubt, extra virgin olive oil is among the healthiest fats on the earth. No one can deny this fact. On the other hand, it’s also the truth that dietary fats are controversial among health-conscious people.

For instance, you can only consume olive oil in a specified quantity. You can’t exceed the amount of olive oil; you will just have to take it in a specific amount.

Following are the qualities of Greek extra virgin olive oil

  • Good Greek extra virgin olive oil contains the highly healthy nutrient value
  • Greek olive oil contains 14% of saturated fats
  • Roundabout, 73% of monounsaturated fats, you will find in Greek extra virgin olive oil
  • 13% of vitamin E, you could get as the daily value from olive oil
  • Moreover, you will get 7% of vitamin K in Greek olive oil

Dark olive oil bottles are the best option to buy

It’s a fact that everything has a specific time spare of life. For instance, you will commonly explore that heat and oxygen are not good for maintaining the hygiene of olive oil. Both are the leading factors that could bring your olive oil towards the premature expiry.

Because of the whole above-explained reason, dark bottles are the best option to buy. Logically, dark bottles have the capacity to prevent the excessive amount of oxygen and head to go inside. So, the dark bottle could save your olive oil from pre-mature spoils and can give it a long life.

So, that’s how the packaging of a product is also one of the crucial and noticeable things. While making a decision over the purchase of olive oil, never compromise on the packaging because it could mess with the quality of authentic Greek olive oil.

Must go for the distinction of “extra virgin”

In case, the packaging of olive oil is not labeled as extra virgin olive oil then you should be sure that it’s passed from any kind of refining system. The extra virgin distinction of olive oil signposts that it’s not touched for any refining.

Usually, refining is a system that is used to remove all the impurities of a low-quality product. But refining could be hazardous to the good flavors of the product. So, that’s why you will prefer to buy extra virgin olive oil for pure flavor and good quality.

Keep an eye on certification of the product

Certification of the product will give you authentication of quality. It will give you a relief that you are buying a pure and certified product. So; firstly, you should have enough information about certification institutes.

You should know which institute is giving good certification services. Here we will mention two certifications regarding olive oil products for instance PDO and PGI certifications.

So, between the above two certifications, you should be clear about your preference. All the certification authorities will own a totally different method. So, you should consider the certification method also because the method could influence the results.

Must have information about the misleading labels

Often, you will find misleading labels on the packaging. In that instance, you could be confused about several things. For instance, you could find the product labeled as “the product of Korea” or “the product of Italy”.

They actually just label the product but in fact, the product will be their own production. So, many producers will create a deceptive image of their product. In this way, the deceptive image of less-quality olive oil products could mislead you. That’s how; you will be unable to make a wise decision over your olive oil purchase.

Don’t overthink about the color of olive oil

Numerous people wonder regarding the color of olive oil and its quality. You could find olive oil products in a variety of colors but it is a fact that color does not affect the quality of olive oil. That’s why never thrown between the color and quality of a product.

You could find clear to the dark green color of olive oil but the color variety is not the indicator of olive’s quality.

Avoid making the purchase of olive oil in bulk

Here, you will need to notify your eating habits and the way you prefer to use olive oil. In case, you are going to buy 2 liters of olive oil and make sure, can you end these 2 litters in a month or in 60 days.

If 2 litters are appropriate for your 60 days then it’s really good to buy a 2 litter olive oil pack for you. Otherwise, you should go for smaller packaging if you are the only consumer of olive oil at your home.

Where to buy Greek olive oil?

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Is olive oil made from olives?

Yes, olive oil is purely made from olives. You will find the olive oil manufactured by using a very traditional method of cropping the tree of olives and then you will see a long procedure ahead to follow for getting the abstract of olives.

You will also find the varieties of olive oil like refined or extra virgin olive oil.