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Numerous people want to know about making a good purchase of olive oil. In this article, we will teach you about the qualities of pure and extra virgin olive oil. Most especially, we will let you know the tips for buying Greek olive oil in the UK.

This buyers’ guide is specially designed for the consumers of Greek olive oil and how they could make their purchase in the UK. So, this buyers’ guide targets specific readers.

Before explaining more, it’s pertinent to mention here that harvesting season of olives has a greater impact on olive oil purchasing ratio. We are going to explain in what ways, harvesting seasons could impact the olive oil buyers’ choice.

There is a reason behind why you should buy olive oil right after its harvesting season. Furthermore, you will know, what are the best ways of storing olives and packaging olive oil?

Why you should buy olive oil extracted from freshest olives?

New-season olives have a different texture, the intensity of flavor, fragrance, and color. You can feel the freshness of new season olives in many aspects. The complexity and intensity of new season olives are unbeatable.

However, you will find the varieties of olives and you can differentiate all of them by tasting them. All have different tastes and approximately different colors.

Following are the ways of measuring the freshness of olives

Different brands have different schemes like few brads display the harvesting date of olives on the packaging. So, you should look for the most recent harvesting date for finding out the olive oil from the freshest olives.

That’s how; this labeling policy can help you a lot. On the other hand, you will see many brands usually don’t reveal the harvesting date of olives. After finding out the harvesting date, you will have another option of knowing the freshness level of olives.

Now, in this context packaging of Greek olive oil could help you. For instance, the olive oil you are going to buy in the UK is packed in clear bottles then takes a keen notice of its color.

The fresh olive oil color will be greenish. After putting the greenish olive oil in your kitchen for a long time then its color will be turned in yellow but don’t worry its shelf life is not short.

Taste is the last thing that can tell you, either you are going to buy fresh olive oil or older.

The fresh olive oil will taste like the following things

  • Fresh olive oil could taste like almond
  • You can feel the taste of tropical fruit in fresh Greek olive oil

For sure, fresh olive oil will generate a big difference in your daily diets. Fresh Greek olive oil will enhance the taste of your food. But contrary to the fresh Greek olive oil, older olive oil will have a flattering taste.

It could be slightly smelly.

In which season olive oils are usually available?

The harvesting season of olives could be different according to area or region. Like in Uk the harvesting season of olive oil will be different and in France, it will be different. So, according to your place you can choose your best-suited harvesting season.

One more thing is pertinent to mention here that fresh olive oil will have a fresh grassy aroma. Along with containing the grassy aroma, the fresh Greek olive oil could contain the green tomato flavoring notes.

So, it will be very pleased with the right properties of anti-oxidants and nutrients. All the above-explained points of buyers’ guide to Greek olive oil in the UK will give you different tips for buying fresh olive oil.

By reading this article, you will learn to identify the freshness level of Greek olive oil in different ways like by checking color, taste, and smell.