4 Mistakes You Usually Make With Olive Oil article image

Any kind of recipe you are following for cooking your meal, olive oil is the foundation of each recipe. Every kitchen contains olive oil as its part and staple food too. For storing olive oil in a way to maintain its quality, taste, and aroma, you will have to avoid certain mistakes with olive oil by having certain considerations.

Numerous people make a few mistakes that affect the quality of olive oil. In this article, we will explain those mistakes. So, you will have to read this article till the end of knowing those mistakes in detail. You will also learn how to avoid making these mistakes and how to maintain the long shelf life of your olive oil.

Following are the mistakes that you usually make with olive oil

1) Keeping olive oil bottles near harming elements

Firstly, you need to avoid keeping olive oil bottles near certain things.

Following are the things that could harm the longevity of olive oil

  • Heat
  • Oxygen
  • Light

These elements could ruin the taste and fragrance of olive oil before you start using it. So, avoid keeping olive oil near these natural elements. The olive oil containers should be able to keep the olive oil secure from the above-explained damages to flavor and fragrance.

Container for olive oil should have the following qualities

  • The olive oil container should be airtight
  • It should be darker in color
  • You will need to keep it at a cool place
  • Secondly, you will have to select an area in your kitchen which should be cool, dry and prevent oxidation
  • Your selected area in the kitchen should be able to prevent oxidation
  • With these precautions, you will be able to consume olive oil before meeting its expiry date

2) You usually forget to read the label

Never forget to read the label adjacent to your olive oil packaging. It’s the most common mistake that people unconsciously make. Reading the label will let you know the harvesting date of olives and will also inform you either you are going to buy refined olive oil or pure extra virgin olive oil.

Keep in mind that refined olive oil has short shelf life than the extra virgin olive oil. One more thing is important to discuss here that must look for the expiry date.

3) Olive oil is not good for deep frying or overcooking

If you will add olive oil after cooking your food then it will be best. While cooking with olive oil, you will need to keep its smoke point low. You can use olive oil for shallow frying. Using olive oil for uncooked food will be best.

So, it’s good to enhance the health benefits of your salad dressings with olive oil. You can also enjoy the health benefits of olive by using it for preparing a dripping sauce.

4) Color is not the only indicator of olive oil’s true quality

Before buying olive oil, never rely only on color because it’s not the true indicator of olive oil’s quality. For instance, few people only look for greenish colored olive oil. But it’s a fact that a good quality olive oil could also be found in yellow color.

The color will not truly indicate the flavor and aroma of olive oil. So, don’t rely just on color.

By reading, all the above points; you will know certain mistakes and will try to avoid them for using olive oil in the right way.